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"It Takes A Village..."

Click Link to Article - Kanye West Calabasas


Click Link to Article - Kanye West Calabasas

It takes a village to raise a child is an African proverb that means that an entire community of people must interact with children for those children to experience and grow in a safe and healthy environment. The villagers look out for the children. 

Calabasas High School and its Football program aim to provide student athletes with tools to succeed in academics and athletics. Tutors to assist players with managing academic expectations while excelling at their sport. Professional athletic trainer(s) to help our athletes prevent injuries as well as reaching physical and mental goals. We are committed to maintaining the Championship Mentality. 

Our Sponsors provide assistance in various ways, boosting the program and its' athletes. 

Calabasas Football is a National Brand followed by fans all over the country. Popularity that has grown through Media attention caused by shows such as Keeping Up With the Khardashians. The Town has become an interest all over the world.  The growth has expanded exponentially given the prominence of its sports programs as well. Calabasas Football remains ranked in the Top 10 within California Schools and Nationally Ranked by every high school polling agency. 

The roster is filled with 3, 4 and 5 star players that are nationally ranked. Elite coaches that have Divison 1 and NFL experience. And an Alumni base that is enthusiastic and supportive. Along with sponsors and the strong support of student body, the football program is set to continue its rise. 


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Reasons to Sponsor

FedExCup. Outback Bowl. TCS New York City Marathon. Large national brands have become ingrained in professional-level sports. With fans' strong emotional ties to sports, companies know they can score some of the love by sponsoring halftime shows, finish lines, seating sections and more.   
But sports sponsorship isn't just a game for the big leagues. Many savvy small businesses invest in sponsoring local community sports organizations. Some consider their sponsorship a charitable contribution and others, a form of advertising. Either way, it's a mutual relationship that pays off for the sponsor and the team.
Here are 6 reasons why businesses should sponsor a youth sports organization:

  • Increase awareness of the company's products and services. Each sponsorship package has benefits for the sponsor built in: field signage, website advertising, company name on uniforms, etc. Through a sponsorship, a company's brand will be in front of the youth sports market of parents, coaches, program organizers, players and fans.

  • A welcomed form of advertising. In most settings consumers are inclined to tune out advertising. Although many traditional ways of reaching consumers are failing, youth sports sponsorships are a positive and engaging way to market a brand. Parents like to see the companies that are supporting local sports.

  • Help keep the cost of youth sports programs low. Player participation fees cover the majority of the costs of a youth sports program but support from sponsors provides additional resources which can help keep participation fees low. With lower fees, more families are able to afford to sign up and that means more children being able to receive the many benefits of sports.

  • Outstanding value for the dollars invested. Although sponsorship package costs vary from organization to organization, they commonly range from $100 up to $5,000 or more. When comparing the cost of other marketing outlets like print, television and billboard advertising, youth sports sponsorships can be a great value and a smart option to include into the marketing mix.

  • Build goodwill. Companies that sponsor youth sports programs make a positive contribution to their community. Overall this can evoke a community wide feeling that a company understands the impact and importance of sports for their youth. This feeling can instill loyalty among a business' current and future patrons.

  • Possible tax incentive. Many youth sports organizations are registered nonprofit groups. If that is the case, businesses can get a tax break for making a charitable donation. That is just another added benefit of sponsoring youth sports.

We know $500 from a local company to a youth team goes a long way to offset the rising costs of sports. But what the company may find is that their sponsorship also goes a long way to strengthen the bond between their brand and their community.

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